We believe in building a unique story with every new project
Phase I: The Initial Consultation

The purpose of this phase is to discuss the scope of services we offer. Determining our goals for your project is essential to create your new living space; While establishing a base timeline and develop a preliminary budget that is comfortable to achieve these goals.  

Phase II: Defining the Design Concept

In this phase, we will address the design services agreement to move onwards as well, to best understand the project space, natural light and energy we will need to get measurements and photographs, possible site visits/zoom meetings of all relevant spaces. Proper research and analysis as well, client program development is necessary to achieve who are client is/what they embody within their space to visually create and achieve the desired mood in the space. A design concept and mood will be created and approved.

Phase III: Schematic Presentations

In this phase, the design concept is further developed from the approved preliminary concepts presented in Phase II. Documents, such as the bubble plans, an initial space and furniture plan, lighting concepts, and concepts for color schemes, materials and interior finishes, wall floor and window and possible lighting treatments, and selection of specific furnishings, will be prepared and presented to the client for their approval.

Phase VI: Preliminary Construction Drawings

This phase prepares documents of preliminary construction drawings for client approval and implementation and presentation for material boards. 

*Sourcing for specifications for plumbing fixtures, lighting, and furniture, will be needed and will be charged per hour additionally aside from this phase*

Construction Drawing package: Varies Per Project

  • Construction Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan (lighting)
  • Electrical plan
  • Furniture plan
  • Finishes plan
  • Elevations
  • Schedules/Sections 
Phase VII: Design Presentations

This phase, we will present construction drawings/ elevations, alongside materials and specifications packages. We will make revisions/ changes to drawings determined at the presentation. And we will review and approve final drawings with clients as the last presentation. 

  • Presentation 1: Present Construction Drawing 
  • Revisions to Construction Drawings/Materials etc.
  • Presentation 2: Review and Approve all final drawings with clients as the last Presentation
Phase VIII: Purchase & Installation

This phase will determine a set budget for the Scope of Work, as well as create purchase orders for the furnishings, finishes, and accessories detailed in the specifications and coded drawings. Ensure quality control of items purchased. Obtain detailed specifications and cut sheets from vendors for installation. Track production and shipment of items ordered and purchased. Obtain bids from various consultants and select one upon Client approval. Make a final inspection of the installation and ensure a deficiency report, if needed.